So having this bilateral numbness in both legs, up to half way up my calves and the discomfort in my coccyx, I had gone on for quite a few weeks.
I was under a professor anyway because of my daughters condition, so I spoke to her explaining my new symptoms and she asked me to see my GP as I might need an appointment with her sooner. Saw my GP……….. He wasn’t at all helpful (arghhhhhhhhhh!!!) and I didn’t get any further than “it could be neuropathy” Now I’m in limbo land, not knowing what’s going on or why I’m experiencing all this.

Luckily, the following week, my professor called me back asking if I still had the symptoms and what did the GP say, so I told her what happened at the GP and that I still had the symptoms but the numbness had now traveled to half way up both my quads. It plays with your mind knowing you can’t feel anything yet you’re still able to walk.

The professor explained there could be an issue with my spine and that I needed to get straight up my local hospital, Basildon, and she’ll be contacting the hospital so they’re aware that I’m on my way in. Obviously, I then went into panic mode, knowing that any surgery to your spine carries big risks.
I arrived at the hospital, Dr assessed me.

I was transferred to Queen’s hospital late that night. I woke up the next morning, looked around the ward…. Ermmm I’m on a geriatrics award!! Surrounded by lovely ladies in their 70’s at least. I already felt old as earlier that year, I’d had a total hysterectomy, so been wearing what I classed as granny knickers!! Now I’m starting to struggle walking, loosing my balance too.

At my full brain and spine MRI scan got onto the MRI table and before being slid into the massive polo (well that’s what it looks like), the radiologist said to me “oh your having surgery on your spine later, aren’t you?” To which I replied ‘I’m not sure as I don’t know if I need to have it yet”. Once inside the big polo, my mind was running away with lots of different thoughts. Some being scary, what happens if I do have to have surgery on my spine and something happens, I could end up paralysed?? How will I be able to look after my daughter? The scan took over 2 hours!

Unfortunately for me, my walking and balance had deteriorated even more, I now had to be supervised walking to the toilet and had been given a Zimmer frame to use. I did ask the other ladies on the ward if they wanted to take part in a zimmer race I’m not sure that even being the youngest, I would have won.

Once back on the ward, I called my mum and broke down in tears. That evening, I got woken up by the Dr’s talking at the bottom of my bed, they said they have the results of my MRI and they have found grey matters on my brain and spine but then just walked off. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Next morning they explained they believe I have Multiple Sclerosis.

Lumbar puncture confirmed this. My mood went low and I struggled.

Months later, a friend introduced me to a makeup and skincare products called Younique. They’re not in the shops but through an independent presenter. They offer a 14 day love it guarantee on their products. I never really used to wear makeup as I reacted. At that time Younique was renowned for their 3D fibre mascara. I thought I’d cheer myself up with some makeup due to their guarantee. I didn’t react! This is where I fell in love with the products, it was light so it didn’t feel like I was wearing any, natural mineral products with no chemicals and are not tested on animals plus it made me happy and much more confident.

With my Multiple sclerosis, I have good days and bad days plus fatigue, let alone hospital appointments, or even relapses. With all of this, to have a normal 9-5 job is impossible. I was asked about joining Younique, having my own business, working as little or as much as I wanted, my own hours of choice, plus if I wasn’t well, I didn’t have to work!

Whenever I have hospital appointments, I always take my work with me as I can work anywhere from my phone/iPad as long as I have internet connection!

Tune into my next blog to find out what happened next…………

But none of this stops me! My blogs want to inspire women that, despite their health condition, you can still run a business. You can still have dreams. Nothing is going to stop me!