After being diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, the specialist nurse handed me a book to help me explain to  my daughter about me having this condition.
I was very lost, knowing people out there had this condition but I didn’t really know anything about it other than a couple of the symptoms.
These are the different types:
• RRMS – Relapsing-remitting MS (most common form)
• SPMS – secondary-progressive
• PPMS – primary-progressive MS or PRMS – progressive-relapsing MS.
I found out I had relapsing-remitting MS but it is highly active.

Trying to digest all the information about multiple sclerosis was hard, head spinning and finding out the different things that could happen.
I won’t lie to you, my mood did plummet into darkness. I was scared that I wouldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Felt very alone even though I had family and friends around me.
I ended up shutting myself away from the world. Most people who saw me got to see a smiling Helen whilst inside I was so down. I struggled also with frustration and pain, having to ask someone to help open a jar etc.
I done what most people do, not openly talk about how you are feeling. Trust me you really need to open up and talk about how you are feeling.
I’m so glad and happy to see on the television, they are really promoting ‘Britain Get Talking’ we need to normalise (well for me as normal as possible lol) people having low mood and come together to support each other.
At the hospital, the MS nurses check in on you when you see them and you have to fill out a questionnaire on how your mood is. I’m so grateful for this.

Having a positive outlook on life now made a difference to how I was now feeling. I was so grateful for having my own new business, it helped me to keep focused but I also had a new passion with a fire in my belly. After realising how makeup uplifted me and I started to like the person I saw back in the mirror and the compliments I got. I realised that I wanted to help as many other women to. Also, I found out that looking after your skin with the right products for you, I didn’t always have to wear makeup. It was my choice if I wanted to or not.

My main aim now is to help as many other women feel and look more confident and happier about themselves, gives me so much joy.

The flexibility of my job also means I can support my family, a 9-5 job can’t work for me due to my health and hospital appointments.

Tune into my next blog………

But none of this stops me! My blogs
want to inspire women that, despite their health condition, you can still run a business. You can still have dreams. Nothing is going to stop me!