half face make-up ladyHi, my name is Helen Taylor, but I’m also known as #crazymakeuplady. I am blogging because I have multiple sclerosis plus run my own makeup & skincare business B-beautified. I am a Younique independent presenter.

My blogs will be about my own experiences of living with MS, the impacts it has on my life and how it affects my thoughts, how I work my business around my MS, hospital appointments and my bad times. My daughter also has a neurological condition, Motor sensory neuropathy but they are also looking into Mitochondrial with her.

Just because I have an illness, it doesn’t stop me from feeling beautiful.

How did I get known as #crazymakeuplady well………. As I LOVE the difference my products makes to your face, I only put makeup on one half of my face a lot of the time so then people can actually see the difference of before and afterwards. Not only do I post pictures of this on social media but I walk around like it……….Yes EVERYWHERE!! People’s reactions are great plus great conversation starter.


Helen TaylorIn January 2010, I started having some strange sensation going on with a few toes in my left foot. They was numb. Never experienced this before, bit like whey your leg goes dead when you’ve been sitting awkwardly for a while but the sensation soon returns afterwards. My sensation wasn’t returning. I was naughty and didn’t take note of how long this was lasting, all I know was I had it for a good few weeks if not more. My first priority was looking after my disabled daughter. I was having to walk everywhere as I was being investigated for epilepsy so couldn’t drive. Not easy when your child is wheelchair bound but I did make good use of loading the wheelchair up just like you do with a pushchair. Don’t worry, daughter was safe amongst the shopping. I made sure she had a gap to breathe!

It took a while before realising that the sensation had returned in my toes. Done a little dance lol. A few weeks later, I started having numbness in my fingers on my right hand. Again, didn’t really keep note of how long it lasted. Que nagging mother in my ear!! The sensation returned, a few weeks later. This kept happening over the next months, on different sides, in my toes and my fingers, but each time it was more toes/fingers going numb. I put it all down to the extra stress on my body cos of all the extra walking due to not driving and having to push the wheelchair with all the shopping. I was completely shattered from all this walking, now needing naps during the day. All I wanted to do was cry from the exhaustion.

In June 2010, I had numbness in both feet. This was a whole new thing. Over the two weeks, numbness had travelled up half way up my calves. This was very strange being able to walk yet having no sensation. I even got a needle, poking my skin and couldn’t feel anything. I then started to get a weird sensation pain in my coccyx, feeling like someone kept giving me a wedgy!! This pain in my coccyx wasn’t easing.

Tune into my next blog to find out what happened…………….

But none of this stops me! My blogs want to inspire women that, despite their health condition, you can still run a business. You can still have dreams. Nothing is going to stop me!